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Simple Integration.
Endless Possibilities.

Go to market faster with any virtual cards issuer.
Free up your dev team for other projects.
Integrating multiple virtual card issuers used to be too time-consuming and expensive

Most CFOs and CTOs know that embracing multiple virtual card issuers in their payments process can generate powerful cost savings and operational benefits. Taking advantage of region-specific reduced fees and loyalty points programs alone can noticeably impact the bottom line.
However, many businesses get stuck with one or two virtual card issuers, as they simply don't want to allocate the resources required to integrate and support each issuer's requirements. You want your dev team to be building things, not spending weeks interpreting virtual card issuer APIs and modifying code on your end to support ongoing updates.
We know this all too well, because we've been there.
The good news is, the stalemate between the CTO and CFO in resource allocation, delayed go-to-market and lost cost savings can now be solved.
Kuggar Virtual.Cards platform insulates your business from these risks as your tech integration layer

How does the Kuggar platform save you time and money?

Without Kuggar With Kuggar
Each virtual card issuer has their own API, making integration cumbersome and resource-intensive. Our RESTful, synchronous API is built for seamless integrate into all issuers simultaneously.
You make do with the virtual cards issuers that you have integrated within your payments system. Our routing engine allows your business to use different issuers in different circumstances to maximise rebates and/or minimise fees.
Generation of new virtual cards is often slow, unreliable and varies by issuer. Our platform has almost instant (<200ms) response times to card requests, with guaranteed SLAs.
Virtual card issuer platform updates require ongoing maintenance to your systems by your dev team. Our platform handles all updates, maintaining the same simple integration on your end.
Stagnant technology platform. Our ongoing development of features and capabilities offers new possibilities to your business.
Priced to promote your growth

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